Wednesday, November 7, 2018

'Tis the Season

I am really looking forward to the coming holiday season. Not only do I get to make some money, which will go towards my family's celebrations, but I get to share in the festive spirit of my passengers.
However, it would be foolish to think that this time of year is all eggnog and mistletoe, so here are  a few precautions that I will be taking:
  1. Using a festive air-freshener in the car
  2. Clearing my evening schedule so that I can be available for office party passengers
  3. Creating a Christmas mix for the stereo (bearing in mind that not everyone will like it)
  4. Maybe wearing a Santa hat to really help the passengers maintain a festive mood.... maybe!
  5. Remembering that my good customer service (or lack of) can really affect my passengers evening, and my tip.
  6. I have already spent some time identifying the most popular bars and restaurants, plus good parking areas where I can sit to wait for passengers. I have identified 6 of these areas around the city, so no matter where a passenger takes me, I have strategized the continuance of my business for the night.
When it comes to car maintenance/upkeep:
  1. Stock upon emesis bags.
  2. Keep a bucket, a gallon jug of water, and some cleaning products in the trunk.... good if the carpet gets soiled, but if the upholstery is affected, your night is pretty much over.
  3. A spare set of rubber floor mats.
  4. Make sure the car vac is charged and in working order - not everyone will appreciate the tinsel/glitter that the last passenger left on the back seat.
Lastly, although it is fun to enter into the spirit of things, it is especially vital at this time of year to maintain focus on the road, be aware of the driving behavior of others, and keep an eye out for unsteady pedestrians. Keep an ear on the local traffic news, so that you can avoid traffic accidents and the inevitable delays.

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