Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Using AIDET as a Tool for Good Customer Service

AIDET has been used for a long time in healthcare. It helps clinical staff engage with the patient and structures an approach to facilitate positive interactions that help meet the patient's needs.
The Studer Group created this tool and explain it as:
While keywords are important in AIDET, it is not a script. It's a simple, consistent way to incorporate fundamental patient communication elements into every patient or customer interaction. Below is an example of how to frame communication using this powerful tool:

A - Acknowledge, make eye contact, and smile; verbally greet and offer assistance if necessary.
I - Introduce yourself and explain your role "Hello I am [name], I am your driver today"
D - Duration. I see that our drive is estimated at 15 minutes. Please sit back and relax and let me know if you are too warm or too cold.
E - Explanation - The GPS is directing me towards the freeway, is there another route you would prefer? I see some traffic ahead, would you like me to take the surface streets instead?
T - Thank You. Thank the passenger for riding with you.

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