Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Essentials That I Carry In The Car

One of the most exciting things for me, once I took the plunge and signed up as a driver, was to start planning what sort of facilities I would provide in my car - to my passengers, but also to me!
The following is a list of those items that I carry. Some of these I purchased before I picked up my first passenger, others I have purchased since.... all are used.

Links to the item I use are below the list.

1) Dual Dash Cam -This one is a no brainer - a dual dash cam, that can provide video footage inside and outside the car. This is a great deterrent for any bad behavior and false claims from passengers that could drive your reputation score into the ground.
2) Micro SD Card - You will need this to go into the dash cam
3) Cell Phone Holder - there are many styles of holder, but I would advise that you opt for one that does not use a suction cup. There is nothing worse than your phone falling into your lap while you are trying to follow the GPS! I have used vent clip holders and CS slot holders, and both work great. This is the one that I use currently - because it sits over a vent, it never overheats.
4) High Speed USB Charger  - this one is my all time favorite. Even after a day of driving my cell phone is at 100% charge. Take it from me, you do not want to be in the middle of a fare and have your phone shut off!
5) Charging cables - these combination cables are great. I purchased several of these 10ft cables to run to the back seat. Now my passengers can charge their devices on the road.
6) Font Seat Organizer - I use this to keep air fresheners, sunglasses, pen and folders, snacks (for me), water (for me), paper, log book etc. Not only does this keep everything organized, if you need to give up your front passenger seat for a fare, it can me removed easily and stowed in the trunk.
7) Flashlight - very useful for 2 reasons: a) seeing house numbers in the dark, b) checking the car for trash, lost items etc.
8) Aux Cord - This one was a late purchase for me. After several requests from passengers to play their own playlist I realized that I was missing out on valuable tips because I did not have this simple cord to offer passengers.
9) Vomit Bags - a handy stash of these can avoid Friday night clean ups and keep you on the road.
10) First Aid Kit - I have only once needed to use it, and not for anything more than a broken fingernail, but I would rather have one than not.
11) Nitrile Gloves - should the passenger miss the vomit bag, you will be glad of these. After the fare has ended, you will need to get your car back in pristine order to keep driving.
12) Microfiber Cloths - useful for any number of cleaning jobs.
13) A Car Vacuum - when you have a pet or construction worker in your car, you will be glad of this. Plug into your cigarette lighter and clean away.
14) An Oversized Umbrella - I learned a valuable lesson when I pulled up to a venue in the rain and a parking attendant ran over to escort my passenger from the car to the door with an umbrella. The last words I heard from my passenger were "I guess your tip is going to the umbrella boy"!

Aside from these items, I also keep a bucket in the trunk that contains upholstery cleaners, glass cleaners, a scrubbing brush, a couple of rolled up trash bags, back up air freshener spray and dashboard polish.
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