Sunday, July 22, 2018

My First Fare

Like many drivers, I signed up to make a few extra dollars - just a regular bit of change that I could put aside for Christmas and vacations. Once I realized what I could earn from a few hours work, there was no turning back!
A week after signing up and receiving my trade dress in the mail, I decided to bite the bullet and venture out . I had spent a while getting used to the app, and every time I turned it on I got a ping.... which I always rejected! Now my accept/reject ratio was looking terrible and I needed to get out and make it right. The car was clean and smelled like a summer forest, light rock was playing very low on the radio and I was well-groomed and on my best behavior.

My First Real Ping.

Just around the corner from house I got a ping to an apartment block. I assumed that, like me, all passengers would be stood waiting  for their ride outside of their residence. That turned out to be not the case. I drove into this apartment block and waited for a good 3 minutes, then I drove around the parking lot and came back to the front office, where I waited some more. Eventually I remembered that I could contact the passenger through the app, so I placed the call and was surprised  to hear that she was watching the last 5 minutes of her TV show. The ride was pretty uneventful, lasted about 15 minutes and ended well. However, I learned some important lessons that first trip:
1) Do not be afraid to get out and earn some money
2) If you do not see the passenger where you expect them, give them a call .
3) Not every passenger tips.
I picked up another 4 passengers that day, and realized that a few hours had earned me enough to treat my wife to a take out and a bottle of wine.  However, I did not like that my faily-time was being impacted, so I got to thinking about ways that driving for Uber could be worked into my schedule.

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